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"Finding your tribe" is not an easy task. It could be ingenuity or sheer luck that leads you to your destiny, but nevertheless one has to persevere. For the co-founders of the Hunters Space, Shaskia and Christian, we like to think that it was fate that conspired to have their paths converge and birth the movement Hunters Space.

Shaskia's passion for Hunters Space catalyzed when she was an aspiring business event planner. She empathized with the lonesome journey of the entrepreneur constantly feeling discouraged by the lack of support and empathy. As a person who thrives off human connection and her ability to help others, it became her mission to utilize her skills to create an inclusive space for fellow entrepreneurs, visionaries, and creatives in the Boston area. In addition to building her business, Hunters Space became her passion project and she began hunting for others to help her bring her vision to reality. Shaskia and Christian initially connected with the hopes that he would help her with the branding needs of this endeavor, but Christian denied her offer and insisted on becoming her partner instead. The rest is history.

Christian's passion for the Hunters Space evolved from his first few months as a transplant from Durham, NC to the Boston area where he hoped to expand his opportunities as an entrepreneur. Hoping to quickly make connections in his new city, Christian attended many networking events and hackathons, and he quickly recognized the lack of diversity being that he was typically the single minority (black male) in the many of these venues. On the other hand, within black social circles, he found a severe deficit in the amount of access they had to various programs that existed throughout the Greater Boston area that he had found within only a few months as a new resident.